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An Earth that was bombarded by cosmic energy when a meteor from the big bang exploded over it, some thirty years ago. Igniting the skies across the planet with auroras, and the atmosphere with chunks that had seen the entirety of the universe. It would seed the Earth with potential it had never seen since the dawn of life. Some humans born after this event would have altered genetics; genetics that would activate during puberty turning them into mutants. Or as others would call them, Asura.

This would be the Dawn of the Asura on Earth. An Earth much like our own, but where anyone next to you born since the Skyfall may be hiding a mutation that would give them powers the majority of life did not possess. This event bred more than just mutants it bred fear and prejudice against these deviant humans.

Basic Icon Rise of the Elohim

With mutants to the world, there would come the Earth's saviors; Daivura or Daiva. Seen as angelic or Devic celestial beings that would protect the world from mutants, and who showed the world the truth of the mutant's infernal origins as Asura and Demons of ancient myth.

The Daiva would come from a small portion of mutant parents, and offer the world their guidance to deal with the threat.

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